...simply by putting the Sirometer on the machine's housing

you can measure the number of revolutions and frequency of each
running engine or operating machine with great accuracy. 
With the TREYSIT Sirometer you do not need to access the often
hard accessible shafts or turning parts, because it analyses the the
number of revolutions or frequency through the vibration of the housing
and shows it on two scales.

You can easily read off the number of revolutions and the frequency

on the two scales when the measuring gauge on the upper disk shows

the strongest oscillations.

The TREYSIT Sirometer is the simplest testing device for versatile
applications with checks, measuring comparisons, investigations, etc... 
It is checked and certified by the Federal Standards Laboratory in
Braunschweig, Germany and indicates with a tolerance of 1-2% a
sufficient accuracy for the usual measurements.
Many considerable engine manufacturers around the world belong to our costumers for years.

Our sirometer features:

simple handling



It is applicable always and everywhere. 
Because of its handy shape it fits into each vest
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